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Gurgaon News: BPO industry should meet customers' expectations' 


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Gurgaon News: IT corridor in Panchkula & IMT Manesar


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Gurgaon News: Upcoming Projects



Gurgaon news (Upcoming Projects): Haryana delegation reaps Rs.2200 crore investment


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The Big Bazar Maha Savings Day on January 26 generated an overwhelming response from the customers even leading to lot of chaos and use of force.


It was unbelievably crowded (around I lakh) people thronged the premises. Those who were fortunate to get in found themselves locked in as the shutters were rolled down. The crowed outside had to face a lathi-charge. Inside as well there was much damage caused. It was utter confusion and chaos. This could be taken-up as a wake-up call that the infrastructure is not matching to the pepped-up retail scene.


The mall has always been a subject of curiosity, glitz and debate. International brands like Levi’s, Reebok, Bose (You heard it right) and McDonald’s clutter the air-conditioned interiors, the young and the not-so-young in high fashion gear can be seen just everywhere, cappuccino is sold at kiosks, and everyone appears to be having great time. The glass and metal façade of the malls in gurgaon, looks like a perfect emblem of the new India. Dazzling with neon logos of sprawling departmental stores, western and ethnic clothing retail spaces, gift shop and fast food restaurant, the mall’s glistening exterior seems to capture the exuberance of India’s economic boom. The icing on the cake is that the malls could now operate 24X 7. Is the infrastructure ready for more malls operational round-the-clock. With Delhi also jumping onto the bandwagon, will the malls in gurgaon be able to enthrall the customers?


The call of the mall is ringing out loud and clears for developers in Gurgaon. But residents or anyone who has to drive through the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, are more likely to complain of of mental mauling. Today, with just six malls in operation, people already find it faster to walk than to drive along two-km stretch during peak hours. The scenario after a few years when all the proposed malls spring-up is dreary. Those who have driven through the way on weekends know how nightmarish the experience is. The rest of Gurgaon will not escape either, with sixty malls being planned. Never mind that many residents already complain bitterly that this upscale suburb is literally straining at the seams as basic infrastructure lags far behind explosive runaway growth.


But will the gold rush last? This the topic of debate troubling every responsible Gurgaonnite. With so many players fighting for the same slice of a limited pie, the situation seems more chaotic than rosy. Some Believe that there is no way so many malls are going to survive. While those who established themselves early may fare better. Being open 24 hours will amount to even more competition. What is intriguing is that how the infrastructure will cope with it. Increased security, more staff, increased police patrolling are key requirement. The residents are not really hopeful of fool-proof security. “The pace of infrastructure development and the response of authorities has not been encouraging till now. Keeping the malls open round-the-clock is a decition and should be backed with adequate measures.” Says Nirmal Khurana, a resident of DLF-IV. 


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Gurgaon News: Upcoming Projects


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